Fuck It, I'm A Flamethrower

by Incorporated Village of Ghost

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This is our first album. It is about time travel, deep space and ghosts.


released March 6, 2012

Recorded & Produced in 2011 and 2012 by IVOG and Michael D Quigley



all rights reserved


Incorporated Village of Ghost

We craft sounds and play cheap/free shows, where we give out cheap/free music and other homemade trinkets.

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Track Name: I Think I Am a Dinosaur
I cannot explain the way I behave.
I have no excuses—nor any shame.
I cannot explain the way that I feel.
I have no idea whether this is real.

I think I am,
I think I a-a-am.
I think I am,
So hit me hard, hit me so hard—
Wake me from this twisted dream.

I’m from another time with my neural spines.
My big, long tail, sharp teeth and nails.
I don’t deny it anymore.
I think I am a dinosaur.
Track Name: Homeless Man, Golden Voice
We write ugly words with the back-ends of bees,
Tearing apart sentence endings,
It's not what it seemed when you were a little girl.

Submarining oceans blue,
I cannot find the soul of you.
Are you running to my arms?
Track Name: Most Girls Go to Hell
If I could eat an apple a day I would become your everything,
I would.
If I could be your everything—your stars, your moon, your sea,
I would.

I don't breath through these lungs anymore.
I don't see through these eyes anymore.
I don't feel your sweet touch anymore.
I can't see through these lies anymore.

Give me some

And die, die, die—you will.
Track Name: For Pluto
Share the silence
With me, old friend.
Don't tell me how
It all will end.
I don't mean
To steal your lines,
But how else
Will they

While visions
Of green rivers
Take over
Your silly old quivers
Track Name: This Man Has No Dick
Faux genuine reflections in these mirrors.
I don't know how this glass seems so unclear.

I genuflect before you, dear.
But every time I bow my head you try to steer.

I'm never enough to quell your fears.
I can only give what I have, or so I hear.

Faux genuine reflections in these mirrors?!
I don't know how a metaphor could make such things more clear.

You let our spirits soar unbound.
I cannot be untethered by love to the ground.

All of these ghouls we once held dear,
If only I had known you were wholly made of fear.

Then she said: This man has no dick!